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Galactic Connections & Alchemic Sounds
Private 1:1 Sessions (Online) with Sylvie

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Activations • Channeling • Galactic Connections • Light Language • Cellular Regeneration with Alchemic Sounds

(Re)discover / Upgrade the keys and codes of your quantum expansion and your innate abilities

To live and integrate metaphysics into your daily life, and unfold with ease, simplicity, and joy, beyond the "woo-woo" and the esoteric.

Welcome to you!

I am delighted to have you here.

If you've found your way to this space, chances are you're feeling that inner pull, that deep desire to embrace more of who you truly are. I can relate because I too heeded this inner calling, albeit after years of brushing it aside. It eventually led me to uncover remarkable facets of my own being and the world around me.

You see, even though from a very young age I found it "normal" and very pleasant to be surrounded by what I called fairies, elves, and beings of light whom I conversed with, to feel the vibrations of stones in my hands, to hear trees talking to each other, nothing had really prepared me for the profound and extraordinary experiences that would follow in my adult life.

It happened very gradually with meditation and connecting to what I was told were my personal 'guides.' The connections evolved into interactions with departed souls and the channeling of their messages. Soon after, I found myself spontaneously using a pendulum to harmonize the energies of others while channeling messages from their Higher Selves. The journey continued with automatic writing (leading to the creation of several published books), and deeper connections with various luminous beings.

But the turning point arrived when I heard myself say: 'Hi, I'm Tiffany, from Orion.' In that moment, everything changed. As much as I loved that experience, I never expected to VERBALLY channel beings from distant planets and other realms.

Yet, that's precisely what occurred, and I made a conscious decision to embrace it fully, even when it felt inconceivable and, at times, downright surreal!


In fact, my brain needed to understand what was happening. That's how I began to research and learn more about how all these phenomena work. The more I learned about our incredible innate abilities as multidimensional beings (which, by the way, all humans have), the more I was fascinated and eager to know and experience even more.

I became passionate about exploring the vibrational dimension, practicing altered states of consciousness, channeling, and Light language, all while delving into new science (quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics, cosmology). Quickly, I started to grasp more and more of the mechanics underlying these experiences that I've been having since I was very young.

Then everything accelerated at lightning speed: the opening of my abilities intensified, and I lived intense, tangible, fascinating, mind-blowing experiences, often followed by incredible validations.

Today, after more than 12 years of testing and experimenting on my own, after writing and co-authoring several publications distributed internationally in French (books, card decks, meditation audios), while guiding and coaching a multitude of wonderful humans in understanding and opening up their natural perception abilities known as "extra-sensory", I am more passionate than ever.


MY MISSION is to assist all those who consider themselves (or are called) quirky / "weird" / "witch" / "starseed" / alchemists, and others of the same kind, in developing, amplifying, and upgrading their innate abilities with ease and simplicity in:

  • Channeling and Light Language

  • Galactic and multidimensional interactions

  • Cellular regeneration through their own voice

But most importantly, I'm here to help everyone embrace metaphysics beyond the 'woo-woo' and the esoteric, making it accessible and meaningful in their everyday lives.


develop/expand your Channeling and Light Language abilities;

discover/amplify your galactic connections;

undergo energetic cleansing and experience powerful activations with Light Language and alchemical sounds to propel you forward;

optimize your codes, keys, and vibrational portals to accelerate your multiD (multi-dimensional, multi-density, multi-reality, multi-plane) expansion in a Quantum versus linear manner;

answer questions, provide insight, and offer tools to transmute blockages or periods of latency/stagnation/uncertainty;

and so much more!​

Deeply committed to this purpose, I wholeheartedly offer my private sessions, during which I support and guide you according to your present needs to:

These are a few testimonials...

Femme au chapeau

"I feel liberated, expanded. Sylvie, your explanations have opened up a completely different dimension regarding the state of connection and how I experience it. It's the first time I can both feel it in my body (in my perceptions) and make sense of it in my mind. It's so much simpler than I thought - I was looking for something more complex, in the doing... I understand now."

- Dominique

Femme aux cheveux longs

"I must first say that I have attended several workshops with other coaches, and while I grew each time and appreciated my experiences, I have to admit that this time was a revelation. A new opening, as if before my vision was blurred and now the veil has been lifted from my eyes. Sylvie has been an exceptional guide and has greatly contributed to my relaxation and openness. She welcomes us with empathy and listens to us, just as we are, without judgment. She knew how to say the right words to allow me to explore what had previously been inaccessible to me. It was quite a journey, and I am already ready for the next one!!"

- Kathy

jeune Homme

"Thank you, Sylvie, for sharing your wisdom, experiences, and vision while promoting autonomy and inner listening. I am experiencing a lot of openness on all levels, a global change in how I see myself, others, and the world in general. All areas of my life are positively impacted. I am undergoing deep updates in my systems. It's incredibly powerful. I am channeling more effectively. Thank you so much."

- Daniel

Would you also like to dive into the experience of a private session with me?

Private sessions are 60 minutes long.

They are held virtually from the comfort of your home (your choice: via Zoom, Messenger video, FaceTime).

The cost is $125 per person for 60 minutes (payable through Interac e-Transfer or PayPal).

BONUS: It's also possible for you to organize a small private group (3 to 4 people) for a flat rate (to be discussed based on the number of participants).

NOW... Simply choose your preferred theme from the list below and proceed to complete the Session Request Form by clicking the button located further down on this page. I'll receive your submission and respond within 48 hours via email, providing you with the necessary details for session confirmation and payment processing.

Choose the theme (or themes) you would like to explore...

During our 60-minute session together, we'll create a vibrational space tailored just for you. From this foundation, I will guide you in the exploration of the theme of your choice from the following options:

  • Enhance your channeling abilities, boosting confidence and ease in your practice.

  • Activate or develop your Light Language for impactful, practical use.

  • Uncover or magnify your ability to connect with galactic entities, ensuring a harmonious experience.

    • Engage directly with interstellar civilizations.

    • Identify and communicate with your galactic guides.

    • Delve into the world of hybrid children, potentially discovering your own.

  • Harness the alchemy of sounds, using your voice to rejuvenate both physical and vibratory bodies.

  • Undergo tailored energetic cleanses using recodings, harmonizations, and activations complemented by alchemical sounds and Light Language, facilitating a smoother forward momentum.

  • Accelerate your multiD expansion (spanning multiple dimensions, densities, realities, and planes) in a Quantum manner instead of a linear fashion.

  • Receive guidance and tools to navigate and resolve blockages, stagnant phases, or uncertainties.

  • Attune to messages and teachings from a variety of guides, yours and others that I channel (including Tiffany from the University of Orion, Shayla from the Yah'yel, Syed from Vega, Aria from the Humans of Tomorrow, the Great White Lady from the Interstellar Alliance, and many others - Pleiades, Sirius, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Arcturus, etc.)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though I engage in channeling, use pendulum, and sometimes oracle cards, I do not provide "predictions" or psychic readings about your "future" or current life circumstances.

My goal is to empower you, strengthen your multidimensional identity, and guide you in discovering the keys and codes of your own natural and innate abilities.


Click the button below and complete the Session Request Form.

$125 CAD per person for a 60-minute session

(payment required only at the time of confirmation)


At the HTT Institute, we offer the option to pay by PayPal or Interac e-Transfer.

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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Payment of $125 CAD is required as soon as the session is confirmed by Sylvie (details will be provided in the email following the registration request). A 48-hour notice is required for cancellations to receive a refund or reschedule the session (no refunds thereafter).


  • This service is not an "oracle" or "divination" service. It is part of our mandate at the HTT Institute to empower you to be self-sufficient in your deployment as a multidimensional being and in your flourishing as a galactic citizen, by providing you with tools and new perspectives so that you can translate them into concrete actions in your daily life. 

  • We do not provide therapy and at no time can this service replace a therapeutic process, medical follow-up, or the use of prescribed medications. If the exercises proposed and the teachings offered during this activity trigger strong emotions, physical symptoms, or other issues, we recommend that you seek out appropriate professional resources to investigate and resolve the situation. 

  • At the HTT Institute, we do not hold the truth and we promote your full autonomy and complete responsibility - it is always crucial that you listen to yourself and act in a way that is most beneficial for you, your well-being, and your health.


  • You release the HTT Institute and its representatives from any and all liability, in any form.

  • You also understand that you are solely responsible for your evolution process in the context of the programs, workshops, trainings and events offered by the HTT Institute, and that results may vary from person to person.

You agree to read and accept HTT Institute's CODE OF ETHICS AND TERMS OF USE:

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© Copyright 2023 - Institut l'humain de demain aujourd'hui

“WOW! I've never experienced anything like this. It's UNIQUE. There's nothing else like it. "

I LOVE your approach! I haven't seen this anywhere else, and I've experienced a lot of things."

“Do you realize what you're doing? IT'S ASTOUNDING! The way you guide us, the right words… a transformative journey."

“You bring people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I wasn't expecting that. WOW!"

“You KNOCKED ME down! I'm blown away! »

"I really didn't think I'd go there...


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