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Meet the founders

Marc Babin

With more than 15 years of experience in personal growth and awareness, Marc is the founder of the HTT Institute - the Human of tomorrow today. Author, trainer and certified coach in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) mainly using channeling as a tool for reconnection and teaching, he accompanies people in their own process of expansion. Marc's expertise stems from his experience of life through his multiple ways of observing it, such as metaphysics, spirituality, science, philosophy, history, sacred plants and more.

Powered by the conviction that we are multidimensional beings living a physical experience through a human body, Marc specializes in the art of leading people to reach altered states of consciousness to connect with their Higher Self and thus access an infinite field of information to transform their daily life... towards a happier, harmonious, joyful and fulfilled life.


Sylvie Goudreau

After spending more than twenty years in large corporations as a Human Resources consultant, Sylvie felt compelled to live and thrive differently. Always fascinated by the multidimensional nature of humans and of our world, and having lived several extraordinary experiences of multiD and galactic connections, she has been passionate about exploring the vibratory dimension, the practice of altered states of consciousness, channeling and Light language, while being interested in new science (quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics).


Today, Sylvie is the founder of the HTT Institute – the Human of tomorrow today, and puts forward her experiences and expertise in Multidimensional Expansion and connection with E.T. civilizations. For more than 10 years, she has been offering channeled teachings and practical experimentations allowing humans to experience conscious state shifting, rediscovering themselves as Multidimensional beings and Galactic Citizens evolving in a Quantum Universe... taking their life experiences to a total other level. With humor, love and simplicity, Sylvie facilitates the teachings of the University of Orion, the Interstellar Alliance and the Humans of Tomorrow of the Enanika frequency, along with Tiffany, Keira, Shayla, Aria and several other multiD guides.

What is the Interstellar Alliance?

The Interstellar Alliance is a grouping of different galactic civilizations uniting with the purpose of sharing and exchanging their vast knowledge, as well as supporting the process of universe expansion and the manifestation of existence.

Why do the members of the Alliance want to help us?

The members of the Alliance offer us magnificent high-frequency vibrations to support us in our process of evolution and expansion, as we are family to them. Like older brothers and sisters, they accompany us, observe us, and guide us, while letting us experiment on our own with the different possibilities of existence. Knowing that Earth and its inhabitants are predestined to join the Interstellar Alliance... eventually.

What/who are we in interaction with?

Primarily the Interstellar Alliance, which includes among others Pleiadians, Arcturians, Yahyels, Grays, Essassanis, Reptilians, Elohims, guides from Sirius, Vega, Orion, Andromeda, and Alpha Centauri (to name just a few).

And, of course, the Humans of tomorrow...

What is the Human of tomorrow?


The Human of tomorrow... what and who exactly is it?

It's a "future" human, fully deployed, living in a bright, harmonious, vibrant, integrated world, which we call "Enanika".

This being is completely embodied in their MultiD (multidimension and multidensity), living in states of expanded consciousness, fully deployed in their potential, with increased faculties, who knows their purpose, their intention of incarnation, who has a clear Vision of their journey, who knows what they contribute to and takes concrete actions in this sense, who is open and available to the fields of information from which they draw at will according to their needs, who thrives on the brightest vibrations and chooses what they want to experience in the Great Field of all possibilities.


And much more... we are only scratching the surface in these few lines.

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“WOW! I've never experienced anything like this. It's UNIQUE. There's nothing else like it. "

I LOVE your approach! I haven't seen this anywhere else, and I've experienced a lot of things."

“Do you realize what you're doing? IT'S ASTOUNDING! The way you guide us, the right words… a transformative journey."

“You bring people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I wasn't expecting that. WOW!"

“You KNOCKED ME down! I'm blown away! »

"I really didn't think I'd go there...


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