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Sylvie Goudreau

Session Request Form for a 1:1 with Sylvie


Step1 : I invite you to fill out each section of the form to personalize your session according to your needs. Also, please make sure that your email address is entered correctly (very important!).

Step 2: Keep an eye on your emails, including the 'spam/junk' folder, as I'll email you session details and payment instructions within 48 hours. (As a reminder, the session costs CA$125 per person for 60 minutes, payable upon final confirmation via e-Transfer or PayPal). It's important to reply promptly to this email; if I don't hear back within 24 hours, your selected date may be offered to someone else. In such a case, I'll send you an alternative date.

Which virtual mode do you prefer?

Choose 3 time slots from the following:

  • 9:15 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

  • 10:30 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

  • 6 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 7:15 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

(* PST / Vancouver time)

** If none of these time slots work for you, please let me know, and we will explore possible alternatives.

Which payment method would you like to use ?

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I LOVE your approach! I haven't seen this anywhere else, and I've experienced a lot of things."

“Do you realize what you're doing? IT'S ASTOUNDING! The way you guide us, the right words… a transformative journey."

“You bring people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I wasn't expecting that. WOW!"

“You KNOCKED ME down! I'm blown away! »

"I really didn't think I'd go there...


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