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The "Full of Shifts" Process

with Marc & Sylvie

7 private sessions to Quantum-leap your MultiD expansion


"Olé Shift !"


That's what you will be saying after this 7 session experience with Marc and Sylvie.


Full of Shifts is an extraordinary process that allows you to take a masterful leap, a Quantum flip that is, in your journey of expansion as a Multidimensional being and a Galactic citizen living as a Human on Earth, while equipping you with precious practical tools applicable in your daily life. Supported by our fresh, modern and high vibrational approach, you will be able to move forward more fluidly, freely, solidly happily while having fun doing so!


During the sessions, Marc & Sylvie will channel with you (it's easier than you think and they will show you how). This process will create a deep and meaningful discussion of “Higher self" to "Higher self”, and will lead you to align yourself with the frequency of your expanded version, which already exists in the infinite field of possibilities... and from there, everything is possible.

The sessions can be held online with Zoom, or in person in the Okanagan Valley, BC.


Channeled teachings, NLP tools & exercices (neurolinguistic program), vibrational recoding, light language modalities, multiD & galactic connections... we combine all of our expertise with your full potential to propel YOUR MULTID EXPANSION in a very unique way!

So you gotta be ready for a new mindset, a new identity, new persectives and new possibilities... because THIS is really FULL OF SHIFTS!


But first...



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"These group sessions really helped me understand a lot of things, on higher levels…I think I put it a lot more complicated than it really is. Thanks to Sylvie's guidance, we realized our differences, our respective uniqueness in our abilities to channel. It brought me a lot of openings, I understood a lot of things. From now on I choose to live my day from my expanded state.


I have followed several programs, it is the first that brings me that much, which allowed me so much to understand and open up. Thanks a lot !"

- Colette

Image de Svyatoslav Romanov

"It's so informative! What is great is that once in a while the beings that I meet there take me to look at different aspects and help me to become aware of the changes that are brought to my energy structure. They point to me according to them what I can release in my energy. I really feel like there has been a clearing in my energy fields. I have new inspirations to help me move forward more lightly.


The fact of being able to return by myself and as often as needed to the places visited in the channeling sessions with Sylvie is fabulous!"

- Diane

Femme joyeuse

"I now feel more confidence, optimism, and at peace living in the moment. I used to project myself into the future and it made me feel a lot of stress. Now I am more in the presence of the moment. Also, I rediscovered the connection to my creative power. Things materialized concretely - meetings, projects. It's fully opened. I used to feel capped, like trapped in a vice, now I have the feeling of having more air, colors, energy."

- Gaëlle

Femme calme

“Discomfort no longer lingers in me like it once did. For example, as soon as I wake up in the morning and feel discomfort, I find the belief that is at the origin of it and from there, I shift, I transform it. The connection with my expanded version has become easy, it is integrated. Also, my creative side is expressing a lot more, I have a lot of fun. The biggest difference for me is that now I have a lot more joy in my life."

- Sylvie

7 x 60 minutes private sessions

Remotely via Zoom

or in person in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

Fresh, modern, high frequency global approach

Are you ready to boost your expansion process ?

7 x 60 minute private sessions with Marc & Sylvie

  1. Opening session with Marc and Sylvie

  2. Channeling session with Marc and his guide Kareb

  3. Light Language recoding and modalities with Sylvie (along with many galactic beings)

  4. Channeled session with Marc and his guide Kareb

  5. Galactic connections with Sylvie (along with Keira and friends)

  6. Channeled session with Marc and his guide Kareb

  7. Closing session with Marc and Sylvie

$2,000 CA

($3,000 CA)

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  • Even if I do channeling, this service is not an “oracle” or “clairvoyance” service. It is part of the continuity of our mandate at the HTT Institute to make you autonomous in the consolidation of your connection with your Higher self and your fulfillment as a multidimensional being, in order to support your expansion through pratical actions in your daily life.

  • I do not do therapy and at no time can this service replace a therapeutic process, medical follow-up or taking prescribed medication. If the exercises and the teachings offered during the sessions / events bring up strong emotions, physical reactions or other symptoms, I recommend that you call on the appropriate professional resources to investigate and resolve the situation.

  • At the HTT Institute, we do not hold the truth and we advocate your full autonomy and full responsibility - at all times, it is essential that you listen to yourself and act according to what is most beneficial for you, your well-being and your health.

“WOW! I have never experienced something like this. It is UNIQUE. There is nothing quite like it. "

“I LOVE your approach! I have seen this nowhere else, although I have experienced many other things before."

“Do you realize what you are doing? IT'S BREATHTAKING! The way you guide us, the right words… a journey that transforms."

“You get people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I did not expect that. WOW!"

on my ass! »

"I really didn't think I was going there...


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