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Creating a new humanity

guided meditation & channeling session with Marc & Sylvie

Join us to celebrate the transition that humanity is currently going through towards the New world... the New humanity.

We are constantly guided in the process, and the guides are offering us all their support. They want us to know that each and everyone one of us has an important role to play in the process. You have so much to contribute...


This channeling / meditation session offers a high vibrational space where you will receive messages, activation codes, openings of new potential and perspectives, and more.


Thanks to the Exhale Art Gallery for welcoming us and sharing their beautiful space for this coming event.


Coming soon

CA$25 per person

from ---

(90min session)




In person at Exhale Art Gallery,

6365 Main Street, Oliver BC

CA$25 per person

(places are limited)


Reserve your spot NOW by calling at 778-622-3593

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From the comfort of your home, via Zoom

CA$25 per person


Reserve your spot below by buying a ticket and you'll get all the informations needed by email:

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  • Even if we do channeling, this service is not an “oracle” or “clairvoyance” service. It is part of the continuity of our mandate at the HTT Institute to make you autonomous in the consolidation of your connection with your Higher self and your fulfillment as a multidimensional being, in order to support your expansion through pratical actions in your daily life.

  • We do not do therapy and at no time can this service replace a therapeutic process, medical follow-up or taking prescribed medication. If the exercises and the teachings offered during the sessions / events bring up strong emotions, physical reactions or other symptoms, we recommend that you call on the appropriate professional resources to investigate and resolve the situation.

  • At the HTT Institute, we do not hold the truth and we advocate your full autonomy and full responsibility - at all times, it is essential that you listen to yourself and act according to what is most beneficial for you, your well-being and your health.

“WOW! I have never experienced something like this. It is UNIQUE. There is nothing quite like it. "

“I LOVE your approach! I have seen this nowhere else, although I have experienced many other things before."

“Do you realize what you are doing? IT'S BREATHTAKING! The way you guide us, the right words… a journey that transforms."

“You get people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I did not expect that. WOW!"

on my ass! »

"I really didn't think I was going there...


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