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Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute

  • Do you feel tethered to a routine that no longer serves the true you?

  • Are you seeking a pathway to align your life not just with goals, but with the very essence of your dreams?

  • Are you poised to grasp the reins and actively sculpt the future that calls to you?

Enter the world of "Awakening the Future Human," a transformative journey that doesn't just answer your call for change—it beckons you into a higher state of being. Conceived by Marc Babin and infused with the Multidimensional wisdom of Kareb, this coaching program is a beacon for those yearning for depth, congruence, and a richer fulfillment from life.

Embrace 4th Density Living and Shape Your Reality

Why embark on "Awakening the Future Human"?

This coaching program transcends traditional approaches, blending personalized sessions with the profound practice of channeling. Each week, immerse yourself in a 60 to 90-minute fusion of coaching and channeling, where Marc's expertise and Kareb's multidimensional wisdom unite to foster your personal growth and awakening.


Experience an immersive journey that offers vision clarity, aligns you with higher vibrational states, and teaches the art of Dreamweaving. Here, insights from your "subconscious through your Higher Self" become potent tools for conscious transformation. Navigate your visionary path with deliberate actions that solidify your deepest aspirations into reality.

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute
Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute

How is "Awakening the Future Human" crafted for 4th density exploration?

Embark on a journey through a series of structured phases, each spanning three weeks, meticulously designed to elevate you into the fluid, dream-like state characteristic of 4th density existence. This carefully paced rhythm fosters a seamless ascent in vibrational frequency, aligns you with the transformative wisdom of dreams, and empowers you to chart the course of your visionary path.

Choose the full 16-week coaching experience, offered in both one-on-one and small group settings, for a comprehensive evolution into higher consciousness. This includes four 3-week phases of active exploration, each separated by a one-week integrative pause, allowing for reflection and assimilation of the experiences and learnings.


Alternatively, for a personalized journey, opt for 'Craft Your Own Path' in private sessions, where you select specific phases post 'Step 1' that align with your vibrational ascent into 4th density living.


In each phase, engage in practices that deepen your transformation, maintain a journal to track your progress, and immerse yourself in an odyssey that changes the very fabric of your existence. Whether through intimate sessions with Marc or within the dynamic energy of a group, our dedication is to guide you through your evolution into the expansive realm of 4th density living.

Your Path to Transformation: The Steps

Step 1: Who Are You, Here and Now? (3 weeks)

Embark on an introspective journey to uncover the core of your being. This first step is a profound exploration of your current identity, beliefs, and the narratives that define your reality, setting the stage for the transformation that follows.

Step 2: Now, What Do You Want? (3 weeks)

Envision the life you aim to lead and the mark you aspire to leave on the world. This crucial step helps crystallize your personal and global aspirations, providing a clear, actionable roadmap for the journey ahead.

Step 3: Let It Be (3 weeks)

Embrace your flow of Existence as you align with the serene frequency of your visions. "Let It Be" guides you through the process of attuning to the higher vibrational state characteristic of 4th density beings, fostering a life filled with greater ease and synchronicity.

Step 4: Be the Future (3 weeks)

In this final step, step boldly into the role of a trailblazer in your own life. "Be the Future" is about active manifestation—taking the reins to construct a new personal and collective reality that resonates with the archetype of the Future Human. Here, you learn to embody the changes you wish to see, becoming a living testament to the transformative power within.

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute



The program spans over 4 months, featuring 3 weekly sessions for each of the 4 steps. Between each step, there is a 1-week integrative pause. This structure results in a total of 12 weeks of active sessions, culminating in a comprehensive 4-month journey.

Formats Available

Choose between one-on-one private sessions or group sessions (3-5 participants).

Flexible Session Length

Weekly sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes, tailored to the flow of the conversation, exercises, activities, and the needs of the moment.

Personalized Path

Available exclusively for one-on-one sessions, tailor your program after Step 1, selecting those that align with your growth needs.

Dynamic Session Content

Each session is a blend of coaching and channeling, offering a mix of structured guidance and intuitive insight to adapt to the individual's journey and the unique energy of each meeting.

Support Tools

Engage with weekly practices and maintain a transformation journal throughout the program.

Shared Mission

Whether individually or in a group, the coaching program is a collective commitment to personal and global evolution.

Fun is the Key

Emphasizing that profound transformation is achieved not in solemnity but through joy, each session is crafted to be as enjoyable as it is deep, ensuring that fun becomes a key catalyst in your journey of change.

Marc Babin

More about Marc


With over 15 years of experience in personal development and metaphysics, Marc Babin is far more than just a coach: he is a guide, a visionary, a natural leader. His unwavering passion for mentoring, through both individual coaching sessions and group workshops, has honed his gift for connecting, inspiring, and effecting transformation.

Blessed with an extraordinary worldview, Marc possesses the unique ability to "read" through time, to anticipate, and to see beyond the present—an invaluable skill for navigating the Field of Possibilities. Above all, he is driven by a mission to catalyze change and shape a brighter, more harmonious future for everyone.

Who or what is Kareb?

As a guide of benevolence and mystery, Kareb can be described as a high-density consciousness, shedding light on Marc's path to spiritual awakening. Beyond this, Kareb's expertise lies in understanding the mechanics of physical reality, aiding humanity's ascent towards its greatest potential.

The name "Kareb" was not a choice but a gift from the entity, deeply resonating with Marc's human essence and path. It came to Marc as he traveled between Quebec City and Montreal, a pivotal moment detailed in his book. This name, meaning "immaculate" in Danish and "near" in Arabic, signifies Kareb's role as a transcendent guide—beyond the concept of a name yet intimately connected to human spiritual evolution.

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Odyssée d'un Être divin - Marc Babin


Kareb stands at the forefront of Marc's path towards expanded consciousness, guiding him to a broader understanding and a profound connection with the Infinite. He is the embodiment of the quest for inner understanding, a quest towards deeper self-knowledge and an enhanced awareness of the cosmos that envelops us. His presence is a beacon for those seeking to navigate the complexities of physical existence and the mysteries of spiritual evolution.

In the transformative odyssey of "Awakening the Future Human," Marc Babin and his guide Kareb form an unparalleled alliance. This partnership is not mere collaboration but a harmonized blend of human potential and cosmic wisdom. It represents the convergence of Marc's human journey and Kareb's ethereal insight, culminating in a program that's not just about self-improvement but about pioneering the future of human consciousness.


Join Marc and Kareb in "Awakening the Future Human" and be part of a collective leap towards a brighter, more harmonious world.

Peinture femme

"The change before and after for me is huge! It was a major turning point in my life. I find the joy of the child I was. It had been so long since I had been connected to this simplicity, this pure joy, really the pleasure. There are rendez-vous that take place in my life, synchronicities that happen on either side, changes. I really integrated and experienced the neuro and science explanations and I now know why I do this or that. It was huge as positive changes."


- Vanessa

Femme calme

"Discomfort no longer persists within me as it once has. For example, as soon as I wake up in the morning and feel uncomfortable, I find the belief that creates this discomfort and from there, I transform it. With the deployed version, it has become easy, it is integrated. Also, my creative side expresses itself much more, I have fun, I have much more joy in my life, it is the biggest difference for me."

- Sylvie


Femme joyeuse

"I absolutely loved the first 6 months of Coaching sessions with Marc and Kareb so much that I'm continuing this inner voyage for a second round. The gentle approach, precise words, humor, and joy have been transformative. I've made giant steps in my self-awareness, and my life path has become much clearer. This exceptional guidance fills me with happiness at each session. It's an experience you simply must have!"

- Mylene

Femme joyeuse

"I feel more confident, optimistic, and it's easier to let go... to be more in the present moment. I used to project myself into the future and it made me feel a lot of stress. Now I am more in the welcoming of the moment. I reconnected with my creative power. Things have materialized concretely - meetings, projects. It has opened up. Where I felt stuck, now I feel like I have more air, colors, energy."

- Gaëlle

Femme aux cheveux soufflant sur la face

"Marc accompanies with all his power and connection. He is a great coach for me, because he takes me to these corners that have never been visited before, and it propels me beyond my own blocks and limitations! He has this listening and sensitivity abilities that allow him to address the real issues and allows me to move forward. Above all, for me, what sets him apart is this quality of presence and this finesse of grasping what is not said in order to go to the source of challenges."

- Marie-Ève

Femme, à, pétard

"I have experienced many transformations, things that have come up and worked so hard... I had a starting goal when I signed up and it led me on a completely different path, I found myself going much further... among other things, loving myself more, connecting to my deployed version, letting my intuition emerge. I had really more advanced insights than what I expected. Gratitude, thank you very much!"


- Katia

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute

⚠️ A FREE 30-minute initial session ⚠️

Embarking on the "Awakening the Future Human" coaching program is a significant commitment to your personal and spiritual growth. To ensure that this journey aligns with your aspirations, I warmly invite you to a FREE 30-minute initial session.


This is a pivotal opportunity to explore whether you're ready to invest in transforming your life.

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute

Session Modalities 🌐

To provide you with flexibility and convenience, the majority of the sessions are conducted via Zoom, a reliable and user-friendly platform.

If you prefer a more discreet or direct approach, please note that phone sessions are also available (for one-on-one session only).

Additionally, for continuous and smooth communication, I'm reachable for exchanges via Messenger or Telegram.

🌎 For those located in the Okanagan Valley, Canada, specifically around Kelowna, in-person sessions are an option!

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute

One-on-One Deep Dive - 1:1 private sessions

Dive into the full 16-week (4 Steps) coaching program with Marc, designed to transition you into the 4th density of existence. Experience a journey of transformation across four distinctive steps, each three weeks long, interspersed with essential one-week integrative pauses. The program begins with the crucial step of self-discovery, progressing through phases of vision clarity, vibrational alignment, and active creation, culminating in your emergence as a Future Human.

Craft Your Own Path - 1:1 private sessions

Start with the essential first step of self-discovery and then tailor your journey to resonate with your unique path. After laying the groundwork, you have the flexibility to choose which of the remaining steps to undertake. This personalized approach allows you to focus on specific areas of growth and vibrational alignment that are most relevant to you. Each selected step is three weeks long, with an integration week, offering a bespoke experience in your evolution towards 4th density living.

Forge Your Own Circle - Group sessions

Gather your own group of like-minded individuals and embark on a 16-week (4 Steps) transformative journey together. Suitable for groups of 3 to 5 participants, this option allows you to support and inspire each other through every phase of the program. Each member's commitment to the full duration is crucial for maintaining the integrity and maximizing the transformative potential of this collective experience.

Before making any commitment, a complimentary session will be offered to provide clarity and ascertain the readiness of each group member to embark on this life-altering path. It's essential that every group member commits to the entire 16-week journey, including the integration weeks, to ensure a cohesive and impactful collective evolution into 4th density living.

Awakening the Future Human - HHT Institute
MB - AFH Process (Facebook Cover).png

To begin, please fill out the form below to schedule your free session

This is where your transformation starts—whether in a dedicated one-on-one setting or alongside a group you trust, you are taking the first step towards a new era of consciousness.


Deep Dive

(Private sessions with Marc)

Immerse yourself in the full 16-week (4 Steps) coaching program, specifically designed to elevate your existence into the 4th density.


The journey encompasses four transformative steps, each lasting three weeks with a week of integration in between. Begin with a deep dive into self-discovery and progress through phases that include vision clarity, vibrational alignment, and active participation in crafting your new reality.


plus applicable taxes


Craft Your Own Path

(Private sessions with Marc)

After the foundational first step, take control of your journey. You have the power to choose the subsequent steps that resonate with your personal evolution.


This personalized approach starts with the essential self-discovery step, and during your complimentary session, you’ll determine which of the next steps you wish to explore to further your ascent into 4th density living.


per step

plus applicable taxes

Forge Your Own Circle

(Group sessions with Marc)

Form your transformational circle with individuals you connect with, ensuring every member shares the same level of commitment.


Suitable for groups of 3 to 5 participants, embark on a 16-week (4 Steps) collective journey into 4th density living. It’s crucial that all group members commit to the entire program to maintain the transformative power of the collective experience. A free session will be provided to ensure alignment and readiness for this impactful journey.


per person

plus applicable taxes

Select your preferred format to begin the transformative "Awakening the Future Human" journey:
Which time best matches your availabilty for your FREE 30-minute initial session? (you can choose more than one)

Thank you!

We will respond within the next 48 hours. 🙏🚀

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We are dedicated to delivering a transformative experience through the "Awakening the Future Human" coaching program. Considering the depth and commitment involved in our journey together, please note the following terms:


Your journey in "Awakening the Future Human" represents a significant commitment to personal growth. Once you begin this odyssey by attending the first official paid session, refunds are not available for subsequent sessions or steps. This policy acknowledges the extensive preparation and resources dedicated to your transformative journey.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

We recognize the need for flexibility in life's unpredictable course. If you must reschedule a session, we kindly request a 48-hour notice. This allows us to accommodate your needs without forfeiting the session. Rescheduling requests with less than 48 hours' notice will result in the session being counted as completed.

For those in group formations, this policy applies to each individual member. Consistent participation from each member is crucial for the integrity and progress of the group experience.

Introductory Free Session

Our introductory session is a valuable opportunity to align our visions and ensure mutual readiness for the program. While there is no cost for this session, a 48-hour notice for rescheduling is appreciated to honor the time reserved for you.

Agreeing to the terms of the "Awakening the Future Human" program signifies your commitment to transformation and your understanding of this policy.


At the HTT Institute, we offer the option to pay by PayPal or Interac e-Transfer.

interac etransfer.png


  • This service is not an "oracle" or "divination" service. It is part of our mandate at the HTT Institute to empower you to be self-sufficient in your deployment as a multidimensional being and in your flourishing as a galactic citizen, by providing you with tools and new perspectives so that you can translate them into concrete actions in your daily life. 

  • We do not provide therapy and at no time can this service replace a therapeutic process, medical follow-up, or the use of prescribed medications. If the exercises proposed and the teachings offered during this activity trigger strong emotions, physical symptoms, or other issues, we recommend that you seek out appropriate professional resources to investigate and resolve the situation. 

  • At the HTT Institute, we do not hold the truth and we promote your full autonomy and complete responsibility - it is always crucial that you listen to yourself and act in a way that is most beneficial for you, your well-being, and your health.


  • You release the HTT Institute and its representatives from any and all liability, in any form.

  • You also understand that you are solely responsible for your evolution process in the context of the programs, workshops, trainings and events offered by the HTT Institute, and that results may vary from person to person.

You agree to read and accept HTT Institute's CODE OF ETHICS AND TERMS OF USE: 

“WOW! I've never experienced anything like this. It's UNIQUE. There's nothing else like it. "

I LOVE your approach! I haven't seen this anywhere else, and I've experienced a lot of things."

“Do you realize what you're doing? IT'S ASTOUNDING! The way you guide us, the right words… a transformative journey."

“You bring people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. I wasn't expecting that. WOW!"

“You KNOCKED ME down! I'm blown away! »

"I really didn't think I'd go there...


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