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The Anu'het Process
Twelve (12) Month Individual Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
- Virtually via Zoom -

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The word Anu'het combines the word Anu, the gods of the sky and stars (or Star Beings 😉), in Sumerian mythology, and the word Het, which refers to Hwt (or Het) in ancient Egyptian, meaning "temple" or "house".

Anu'het is therefore an invitation to rediscover this sacred space that is YOU: a MultiD Being (multi-dimensions, multi-densities, multi-realities), a Greater Consciousness, a being that is both physical and non-physical. All with a specific goal of taking control of your existence, living your reality according to your desires, and participating in the emergence of a New World.

The Anu'het Process is a unique coaching experience that combines my many years of expertise in personal development and as a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach, with my natural abilities to tap into the quantum field and connect with other consciousnesses (in channeling mode), including my guide Kareb.

What is it

The Anu'het Process is a series of individual sessions, mixing life coaching and channeled mentoring, during which I connect to my guide Kareb, offering a completely MultiD (multi-dimensions, multi-densities, multi-realities) approach that helps you accelerate your personal expansion, fully embody yourself, and unleash your infinite potential. 


These personalized sessions are designed to help you become a "new Human" (a Human of tomorrow), a being fully conscious of their true MultiD nature and Grand Master Creator of their Reality.

In short, it's a powerful and transformative journey that invites you to fully embody your MultiD on a daily basis... and to become, as of today, the Human of tomorrow.


But be aware, the Anu'het Process is more than just a journey.


It's a deep commitment on your part. It's a voyage that you should undertake, not out of curiosity, but from a sincere desire for transformation. It requires your commitment to apply the exercises, to be open to new perspectives, and above all, to fully embrace change. If you're ready to make this commitment, to transform beyond what you can imagine, then the Anu'het Process is for you.

The Anu'het Process unfolds over twelve (12) months (46 weeks of weekly sessions with 6 weeks of break/vacation, including the end-of-year holidays), during which you will benefit from personalized guidance and specific tools to help you:

  • Access new aspects of your Being and your Greater Consciousness

  • Explore the facets of Existence by understanding its natural mechanisms

  • Understand human functioning to better use it to your advantage

  • Develop a deeper and more authentic relationship with your Reality

  • Create a life aligned with your aspirations, your highest dreams, and your true Essence

  • Materialize the important steps towards realizing your Grand Vision and personal vision.

Guidance Aligned with the Seasons


The Anu'het Process is not limited to momentary guidance; it extends over a full year for an essential reason. By living the seasons together, we align with the natural cycles of your life. Summer, a time of growth and flourishing, may be an ideal moment for dynamic coaching. Autumn, with its shorter and grayer days, may bring different challenges, requiring different support.


Through this long-term accompaniment, I will be by your side throughout these seasonal fluctuations, providing continuous support during life's ups and downs, holidays, birthdays, and all sorts of transitions. This holistic approach ensures profound and lasting transformation, adapting to your unique needs throughout the year, helping you align with your true aspirations, and creating a life in harmony with your essence.

By choosing the Anu'het Process, you embark on an extraordinary journey of expansion and personal transformation at every level. Together, we will explore the infinite riches of Existence and the hidden treasures of your sacred Being.

Kareb and I will be delighted to accompany you on this incredible adventure that is the Anu'het Process.


46 weekly sessions with Marc and Kareb (+6 weeks of break/vacation, including end-of-year holidays)

(60 minute individual sessions via Zoom)

Privileged access to Marc outside of weekly sessions

(text messaging or app like Messenger or Telegram)

ONLY 7 spots available per year

(for both French and English-speaking clients)

Some of the many possible benefits of the Anu'het Process:

  • Awakening to your true potential: Discover new facets of yourself and your greater consciousness.

  • Deep understanding: Learn to understand human functioning in a deeper way, enabling you to use this knowledge to your advantage.

  • Creating an aligned life: Design a life that is perfectly aligned with your aspirations, your highest dreams, and your true essence.

  • Personal fulfillment: Experience personal transformation on all levels, both physical and non-physical.

  • Realization of your Great Vision: Use the tools and guidance provided to make significant strides towards the realization of your Great Vision and your personal vision.

  • Acceleration of personal expansion: The Anu'het Process offers a multidimensional approach to accelerate your personal growth and expansion, helping you fully embody your authentic self and unleash your infinite potential.

  • Awakening as a Future Human: The Anu'het Process prepares you to become a "new Human," a person fully aware of their true multidimensional nature and Master Creator of their reality.

  • Stopping the wheel of smallness: By participating in the Anu'het Process, you will learn to stop the cycle of self-limitation and self-underestimation. This journey allows you to activate and reveal the splendor of your multidimensional being, thus embracing the greatness that is innate to you.

  • Becoming a Creator of Infinite Possibilities: Throughout the process, you will awaken as a conscious and empowered Creator, with access to a world of infinite possibilities. This transformation will allow you to shape your reality according to your deepest desires and explore aspects of existence previously unknown.

Remember, the Anu'het Process is a journey that unfolds over 12 months, with each stage carefully designed to help you access the hidden treasures of your sacred being.

More about Marc & Kareb


When I was at university completing my Bachelor's degree in Communication and Human Relations (psychosociology), my friends nicknamed me "Le Grand Sage" - The Great Wise One. They recognized in me a deep curiosity and a desire to understand life from various angles. This nickname stuck with me, serving as a constant reminder of my commitment to learning and sharing my knowledge with others.

From that point on, I delved deeper into personal growth and consciousness awakening, pursuing a career as a personal development coach and speaker, organizing events across the province of Quebec. Later on, I became a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach through the International Coaching Institute (ICI).

One day, searching for answers I couldn't find on my own, I received the call to embark on a journey into the unknown. Despite my fears of making mistakes or being disappointed, I felt an intense pull that was hard to ignore.

A few weeks later, I found myself thousands of miles away from home, lying on an uncomfortable mattress among strangers, experiencing a life-changing shamanic ceremony. For 36 hours, I was virtually motionless, almost inert, with the only accessible place being a timeless, spaceless realm I affectionately call "the Elsewhere."

In this place, I met a remarkable guide, "Kareb," who provided invaluable help at a critical moment. Kareb became for me "Le Grand Sage" - The Great Wise One.

This profound experience led me to write my second book in French "L'Odyssée d'un Être divin" (The Odyssey of a Divine Being), in which I share my odyssey and offer a unique window into this extraordinary event filled with amusing encounters and, most importantly, profound teachings. The idea with this book is to inspire readers to break through the barriers of their perception of reality and discover a universe of infinite possibilities.


Some testimonials...

Peinture femme

"The change before and after for me is huge! It was a major turning point in my life. I find the joy of the child I was. It had been so long since I had been connected to this simplicity, this pure joy, really the pleasure. There are rendez-vous that take place in my life, synchronicities that happen on either side, changes. I really integrated and experienced the neuro and science explanations and I now know why I do this or that. It was huge as positive changes."


- Vanessa

Femme joyeuse

"I absolutely loved the first 6 months of Coaching sessions with Marc and Kareb so much that I'm continuing this inner voyage for a second round. The gentle approach, precise words, humor, and joy have been transformative. I've made giant steps in my self-awareness, and my life path has become much clearer. This exceptional guidance fills me with happiness at each session. It's an experience you simply must have!"

- Mylene

Femme aux cheveux soufflant sur la face

"Marc accompanies with all his power and connection. He is a great coach for me, because he takes me to these corners that have never been visited before, and it propels me beyond my own blocks and limitations! He has this listening and sensitivity abilities that allow him to address the real issues and allows me to move forward. Above all, for me, what sets him apart is this quality of presence and this finesse of grasping what is not said in order to go to the source of challenges."

- Marie-Ève

Femme calme

"Discomfort no longer persists within me as it once has. For example, as soon as I wake up in the morning and feel uncomfortable, I find the belief that creates this discomfort and from there, I transform it. With the deployed version, it has become easy, it is integrated. Also, my creative side expresses itself much more, I have fun, I have much more joy in my life, it is the biggest difference for me."

- Sylvie

Femme joyeuse

"I feel more confident, optimistic, and it's easier to let go... to be more in the present moment. I used to project myself into the future and it made me feel a lot of stress. Now I am more in the welcoming of the moment. I reconnected with my creative power. Things have materialized concretely - meetings, projects. It has opened up. Where I felt stuck, now I feel like I have more air, colors, energy."

- Gaëlle

Femme, à, pétard

"I have experienced many transformations, things that have come up and worked so hard... I had a starting goal when I signed up and it led me on a completely different path, I found myself going much further... among other things, loving myself more, connecting to my deployed version, letting my intuition emerge. I had really more advanced insights than what I expected. Gratitude, thank you very much!"


- Katia





Before officially starting anything in the Anu'het Process, if this is your first time with me (individually), I invite you first to a free and no-pressure 30-minute Introductory session to determine together if the process is ideal for addressing your current needs.


And you don't have to spend anything right now.

🔻 Please note that the Anu'het Process represents a serious commitment, both in terms of time and financially, spread over a full year.


The number of spots is limited, reflecting the personal attention and dedication that each participant deserves.


This is not a commitment to be taken lightly, but a transformational journey that you decide to embark on, guided by a sincere desire for personal growth and multidimensional (MultiD) expansion. If you feel ready to commit in this way, to invest in your deepest transformation, and to become the Human of Tomorrow, then wait no more.

So, if this interests you... act now. 🚀


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The Anu'het Process

  • Over twelve (12) months:

    • 46 individual weekly sessions of 60 minutes each

    • 6 weeks of break (vacation, including the end-of-year holiday period)

  • Privileged access to Marc via text messaging or via an app such as Messenger or Telegram

  • and more... 


Regular price: $12,000 CAD

Launch Special:


(plus applicable taxes)

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Please note that after the completion of the first official paid session, no refunds will be provided for the entirety of the Processus Anu'het plan you've chosen.


Additionally, a 48-hour notice is required if you wish to reschedule a session. Without such notice, the session will be considered as completed and deducted from the plan, with no additional charges.