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the HTT Institute

the human of tomorrow... today !

Where living and thriving as a Multidimensional being... is a natural thing

Discover more about yourself

Experience your multidimensionality

Live powerful transformations in your day to day life

We make it simple, fluid, practical and fun!


We are Marc et Sylvie

And we are very pleased to welcome you to the HTT Institute.

Combining more than 30 years of experience in the field of Personal Growth and the Awakening of Consciousness, we offer you a rich toolbox coupled with a modern and refreshed approach unifying new science, spirituality and channeling.

We accompany you to cross the bridge between your identity of today and your fully expanded version, the one that is fulfilled, aligned, in love with its life... a life guided by your Higher Self and fully connected to the humans of tomorrow, by tapping into parallel realities and the Quantum field of possibilities, where space/time doesn't exist.

Among other things, we help you to develop / amplify with pleasure and ease your natural abilities of perception and multidimensional connections by demystifying the underlying mechanics.

Marc Babin

With more than 15 years of experience in personal growth and awareness, Marc is the founder of the HTT Institute - the Human of tomorrow today. Author, trainer and certified coach in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) mainly using channeling as a tool for reconnection and teaching, he accompanies people in their own process of expansion. Marc's expertise stems from his experience of life through his multiple ways of observing it, such as metaphysics, spirituality, science, philosophy, history, sacred plants and more.

Powered by the conviction that we are multidimensional beings living a physical experience through a human body, Marc specializes in the art of leading people to reach altered states of consciousness to connect with their Higher Self and thus access an infinite field of information to transform their daily life... towards a happier, harmonious, joyful and fulfilled life.


Sylvie Goudreau

After spending more than twenty years in large corporations as a Human Resources consultant, Sylvie felt compelled to live and develop differently. Always fascinated by the multidimensional nature of humans and of our world, and having lived several extraordinary experiences of multiD and galactic connections, she has been passionate about exploring the vibratory dimension, the practice of altered states of consciousness, channeling and Light language, while being interested in new science (quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics).


Today, Sylvie is the founder of the HTT Institute – the Human of tomorrow today, and puts forward her experiences and expertise in Multidimensional Expansion and connection with E.T. civilizations. For more than 10 years, she has been offering channeled teachings and practical experimentations allowing humans to experience conscious state shifting, rediscovering themselves as Multidimensional beings and Galactic Citizens evolving in a Quantum Universe... taking their life experiences to a total other level. With humor, love and simplicity, Sylvie facilitates the teachings of the University of Orion, the Interstellar Alliance and the Humans of Tomorrow of the Enanika frequency, along with Tiffany, Keira, Sheila, Aria and several other multiD guides.

Femmes dansantes

Transformation stories

Image de Valentin Salja

“It was in an experience of great openness and global expansion that I was accompanied by Marc and Sylvie! With those two beings of such greatness, I had an experience that allowed me to have access to so much more than I could imagine. The assistance of Marc and Sylvie through channeling allowed me to recognize all my Greatness and to connect me solidly with new radiant vibrations in my daily life. Today, deploying myself fully in my daily life and embodying my deep essence is my conscious way of living! I highly recommend Marc and Sylvie on the path to your thriving expansion!"

- Claire

Homme senior

“Right now, I am experiencing an emotion of freedom. I have tears in my eye so much that it makes me feel good. It has been such a long time. I started redefining the world. I liked what Sylvie said: "The world is a paradise of experiences." Wow! Imagine the costume that goes with it. It gave me the following inspiration: "The world is a vast field of miracles." Wow! I feel so free to put on such a costume, isn't it wonderful to choose the relationship that I want to experience! Bless this flowering. Hallelujah!"

- Michel

Profiter de la nature

“The change before and after is huge! It was a major turning point in my life. I have rediscover the joy of the child that I was. It had been so long since I had been connected to this simplicity, to this pure joy... it's really a pleasure. There are encounters that occurs in my life, synchronicities that happens. I have really integrated and experimented with neuroscience explanations and I know now why I am doing this. It was huge in terms of positive changes."

- Vanessa


“I have just felt a surge of Love towards you and all this beauty that you participate in co-creating and I wanted to transmit it to you. I am sincerely grateful for this beautiful support that you offered me and that you are offering to my brothers and sisters on the path of Awakening, and I feel that each of our encounters brings me beyond what I am able to consciously imagine... Thanks again for everything! Lots of love to you!"

- Geneviève

Are you ready to take action to generate transformations?

Marc & Sylvie in person Events

Coming soon 

Kelowna, October 2022 - to be confirmed

Oliver, Fall 2022 - to be confirmed

Summerland, Fall 2022 - to be confirmed

Vancouver, Fall 2022 - to be confirmed

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What the Institute offers you to accelerate your expansion

Image de Arnaud Mariat

Private sessions
with Marc et Sylvie

HTTI - Cover - Full of Shifts.png

The "Full of Shifts" Process

- 7 private sessions with Marc & Sylvie -

"Olé Shift !"


That's what you will be saying after this 7 session experience with Marc and Sylvie.


Full of Shifts is an extraordinary process that allows you to take a masterful leap, a Quantum flip that is, in your journey of expansion as a Multidimensional being and a Galactic citizen living as a Human on Earth, while equipping you with precious practical tools applicable in your daily life. Supported by our fresh, modern and high vibrational approach, you will be able to move forward more fluidly, freely, solidly happily while having fun doing so!

The session can be held online with Zoom, or in person in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

Image de NASA

Galactic Connections and State shifting with Sylvie

HTTI - Cover - Galactic connections .png

Workshops & Group Events / One-on-one private sessions

I invite you to embark on a wonderful and fun journey!

A journey where you will explore yourself as a Multidimensional being and a Galactic Citizen evolving in a Quantum Universe.

Where you will experience conscious state shifting, travelling from one parallel reality to another, with the intention of enjoying your life experiences at a total other level.

Where you will learn about, develop, upgrade and upscale your own natural galactic connection skills, to experiment direct contacts with Stellar and multidimensional beings.

Image de Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Coaching sessions
with Marc et Kareb

HTTI_Cover - MKCC.png

Choose between 8-week, 12-week or 16-week individual or group coaching & channeling sessions

The main goal of these coaching & channeling sessions will be to assist you, if you really want it, to become the most beautiful and ideal version of yourself.

In other words, I will (with Kareb) help you to:

  • boost your process of personal growth;

  • ground and solidify yourself in your physical experience, in your incarnation, in your body;

  • enhance your natural ability to connect with your higher self ... and even more;

  • rise (instead of fall) in love with life and every part it;

  • understand your place in this Universe and contribute to it.

All this by accessing on the MultiD aspect of your being ... in order to walk in the footsteps of what we call at the Institute: a Human of tomorrow!

More transformation stories


“A conscious evolutionary boost is a moment when you allow your divinity to experience a radical change in your life. Your whole life is imbued with these moments and they are sometimes unconscious. I recommend that you enter this space of your Greatness in which, with Sylvie and Marc, you become "a single vibration" which pushes you towards your evolution. What they channel is your own channeling. It's a unique inner journey!"

- Ody Giroux

Femme aux cheveux longs

“I must first say that I have taken several workshops with other coaches and although I have grown each time and enjoyed my experience, I must admit that this time was a revelation. A new opening, as if before my sight had been blurred and now the veil had been lifted from my eyes. Sylvie was an exceptional guide and she contributed greatly to my relaxation and openness. She welcomes us with empathy and listening, each and everyone as we are and without judgement. She knew how to say the right words to allow me to explore what was until now inaccessible to me. It was quite a trip and I'm already ready for the next one!!"

- Kathy

Image de Anthony DELANOIX

“Meeting you this year was for me a gift beautifully filled with synchronicities! I knew from the first moments that I was in good hands, that I could trust to let myself be accompanied on the path that was destined for me. Through the courses I discovered another world that had been hidden from me and with which I enjoyed reconnecting. It is a privilege to be connected and to vibrate by your side. Thank you for choosing you, everyone can be inspired by it and create to the extent of what they want in their life! This is just the beginning ! Watch out!"

- Frédéric

Femme aux cheveux soufflant sur la face

“Marc coaches with all his power and connection. He is a great coach, since he takes me to these places I have never visited before, and this propeled me beyond my own blockages and limitations! He has this listening and sensitivity capacties which allow him to address the real issues which allowed me to move forward. Above all, for me, what differentiates him is his presence and his finesse to grasp what is not said and to go to the roots of the challenges."

- Marie-Ève C.