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Welcome to the HTT Institute
The School of the Generation MultiD

We are extremely pleased to welcome you to the space of the HTT Institute - the human of tomorrow... today!

The HTT Institute (Institut HDA in French) was founded in 2020 with a profound desire to provide an alternative source of teachings and experiments for those who are passionate about repositioning themselves as MultiD beings (multi-dimensions, multi-densities, multi-realities) and galactic humans.

Overseen by the Universities of Orion, Andromeda, and the Pleiades, our earth-galactic campus is based on a solid, benevolent, enriching, and harmonious collaboration with members of the Interstellar Alliance.

At the HTT Institute, we offer you a place of integration, sharing, and transmission of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from other space-times to support your MultiD blossoming and participate in the emergence of the new World... that of a galactic humanity.


... and this is just the beginning!

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To support the emergence of the Generation MultiD...

With immersive support, rich teachings, and deep integrations for those who understand themselves as both consciousness, frequency, and physical beings.

We make it simple, seamless, tangible, and fun!