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Welcome to the HTT Institute
The school of the Human of Tomorrow... Today

We are extremely pleased to welcome you to the space of the HTT Institute - the human of tomorrow... today!

The HTT Institute (Institut HDA in French) was founded in 2020 with the deep desire to provide an alternative source of teachings and experiments for those who are passionate about repositioning themselves as MultiD beings (multi-dimensions, multi-densities, multi-realities) and galactic humans.

Those who aspire to a richer and more fulfilling life, who feel the call of a new Humanity and who are enthralled by this world of high frequency, love, joy, and harmony. Beings who are aware of their multidimensional nature and seek to integrate all their MultiD facets to better utilize them in their earthly daily life.


In short, we accompany beings passionate about the idea of exploring the mysteries of the quantum world, co-creating with vibrational fields, and establishing connections with other galactic civilizations and multidimensional beings.

At the HTT Institute, we offer you a place of integration, sharing, and transmission of knowledge, wisdom, and insights from other space-times to support your expansion and participate in the emergence of the new World... that of a MultiD Humanity.

Signature_blanche - Juts

To propel your MultiD expansion...

With immersive experiences, rich teachings, and deep integrations for those who understand themselves as both consciousness, frequency, and physical beings.

We make it simple, seamless, tangible, and fun!

Discover the founders of the HDA Institute, Marc and Sylvie, who bring over 30 years of experience in the field of personal development and consciousness awakening.


Their unique method blends new science with coaching and multidimensional interactions through channeling, creating profound transformations and shedding new light on existence—yours, in particular.


With hands-on experiences, simplified tools, and above all, lots of joy and humor, they guide you towards a full expression of yourself as a multidimensional being.


Ready to explore new perspectives and elevate yourself?

Discover their products and services below.


And if it’s your first time here, to truly grasp and feel the essence of what the HDA Institute offers, we have selected a few videos that perfectly capture the synergy of Marc and Sylvie and the philosophy behind everything we do.


Discover them and dive into our universe.

Marc & Sylvie
Marc Babin
Sylvie Goudreau
About us

Explore and expand your natural Channeling abilities and potential

Let’s meet with the Hybrid Children


To keep you informed and to find out all about our events, workshops and programs...

We also invite you to join our beautiful online community on the private Facebook group The Interstellar Café of the HTT Institute. It's a private Facebook group where we offer live streams and free activities, and where you can connect with people who resonate at the same frequency and speak the same language as you.

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Are you ready to take action to generate transformations?

HTT Institute - Human of Tomorrow Today

My PASSION is to guide you through mindblowing, mindbending, and deeply transformative experiences (that shift your state of consciousness, your neuropathways, down to your cells), all while showing you it's all natural, normal, tangible and accessible.

My MISSION is to empower those who see themselves as multidimensional beings (and sometimes called quirky / "weird" / "witch" / "starseed" / alchemists, etc.), so they can continue to discover and explore their innate abilities on their own with more ease, confidence, steadfastness, flow, simplicity and joy.

So, what can you expect from my PRIVATE 1:1 sessions ? 

Based on your current needs, I blend channeled messages, Energy Activations, Light Language and Tapping (EFT), as I accompany and guide you to:

  • develop / expand your Channeling and Light Language abilities;

  • discover / amplify your Galactic connections;

  • clear energetic clutter and experience powerful activations to propel you forward;

  • update, optimize, reclaim your vibrational codes, keys, and portals to accelerate your multiD expansion (multi-dimensions, multi-densities, multi-realities, multi-planes) in a Quantum rather than linear way;

  • address questions, gain insights, and receive tools to transmute blockages or periods of dormancy / stagnation / uncertainty;

  • and much more!

Sylvie Goudreau

Explore Your 4th Density Potential with "Guidance from Kareb" (channeled by Marc)

Immerse yourself in the enthralling realm of 4th density with "Guidance with Kareb", channelled by Marc. Experience a transformative 75-minute session, either one-on-one or in a small group setting, guiding you towards an enhanced version of yourself.

Join us for this journey, available both online and in-person in Kelowna. Each session begins with a grounding meditation, setting the stage for an open and receptive mind. Through Marc's channeling of Kareb, engage in meaningful dialogue with your Higher Self, unlocking a universe of possibilities within the 4th density.

This is more than just a session; it's an opportunity to deepen your spiritual bond and to explore the vastness of your multidimensional potential.

Explore 'Guidance with Kareb' sessions for a fresh perspective on your current life and to acquire essential tools for navigating with ease in the increasingly prevalent 4th density.

MB - Guidance  Kareb (Facebook Cover).png

Transformation stories

Image de Valentin Salja

“It was in an experience of great openness and global expansion that I was accompanied by Marc and Sylvie! With those two beings of such greatness, I had an experience that allowed me to have access to so much more than I could imagine. The assistance of Marc and Sylvie through channeling allowed me to recognize all my Greatness and to connect me solidly with new radiant vibrations in my daily life. Today, deploying myself fully in my daily life and embodying my deep essence is my conscious way of living! I highly recommend Marc and Sylvie on the path to your thriving expansion!"

- Claire

Homme senior

“Right now, I am experiencing an emotion of freedom. I have tears in my eyes so much it makes me feel good. It has been such a long time. I started redefining the world. I liked what Sylvie said: "The world is a paradise of experiences." Wow! Imagine the costume that goes with it. It gave me the following inspiration: "The world is a vast field of miracles." Wow! I feel so free to put on such a costume, isn't it wonderful to choose the relationships that I want to experience! Bless this flowering. Hallelujah!"

- Michel

Profiter de la nature

“The change before and after is huge! It was a major turning point in my life. I have rediscovered the joy of the child that I was. It had been so long since I had been connected to this simplicity, to this pure joy... it's really a bliss. There are rendezvous that occur in my life, synchronicities that happen. I have really integrated and experimented the neuro and science explanations and I know now why I am doing this or that. It was huge in terms of positive changes."

- Vanessa

Geneviève Gaudreau

“In one's life, there are encounters that leave a lasting impression. For me, the meeting with my friends Marc and Sylvie, back in 2019, was one of those encounters. Over the past few years, they have helped me propel myself forward in life, becoming more aligned with my True Essence. I participated in the HTT Program (the French version) when they launched it, and it was already amazing! Quantum shifts, galactic connections, an awareness of the multidimensional aspect of who I am and the reality we live in. Marc and Sylvie are incredibly generous souls who give tirelessly and work wholeheartedly towards the creation of this New World. I simply adore them!"

- Geneviève

Ody Giroux

“A conscious evolutionary boost is a moment when you allow your divinity to experience a radical change in your life. Your whole life is imbued with these moments and they are sometimes unconscious. I recommend that you enter this space of your Greatness in which, with Sylvie and Marc, you become "a single vibration" which pushes you towards your evolution. What they channel is your own channeling. It's a unique inner journey!"

- Ody Giroux

Femme aux cheveux longs

“I must first say that I have taken several workshops with other coaches and although I have grown each time and enjoyed my experience, I must admit that this time was a revelation. A new opening, as if before my sight had been blurred and now the veil had been lifted from my eyes. Sylvie was an exceptional guide and she contributed greatly to my relaxation and openness. She welcomes us with empathy and listening, each and everyone as we are and without judgement. She knew how to say the right words to allow me to explore what was until now inaccessible to me. It was quite a trip and I'm already ready for the next one!!"

- Kathy

Image de Anthony DELANOIX

“Meeting you this year was for me a gift beautifully filled with synchronicities! I knew from the first moments that I was in good hands, that I could trust to let myself be accompanied on the path that was destined for me. Through the courses I discovered another world that had been hidden from me and with which I enjoyed reconnecting. It is a privilege to be connected and to vibrate by your side. Thank you for choosing you, everyone can be inspired by it and create to the extent of what they want in their life! This is just the beginning! Watch out!"

- Frédéric

Femme aux cheveux soufflant sur la face

“Marc coaches with all his power and connection. He is a great coach, since he takes me to these places I have never visited before, and this propeled me beyond my own blockages and limitations! He has this listening and sensitivity capacties which allow him to address the real issues which allowed me to move forward. Above all, for me, what differentiates him is his presence and his finesse to grasp what is not said and to go to the roots of the challenges."

- Marie-Ève

Marc & Sylvie
HTT Institute - Human of Tomorrow Today
HTT Institute - Human of Tomorrow Today
HTT Institute - Human of Tomorrow Today
HTT Institute - Human of Tomorrow Today
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